About - PeggyParksPhotography


Peggy Parks Photography is the collaboration of the talented team of Peggy Parks and husband Steve Turner. For over 30 years, Peggy has delighted her clients with photographic portraits that capture the essence of this time of their lives.

Firmly rooted in Marin county, Peggy and Steve have been involved with the community for decades. Their children attended local schools. Peggy was instrumental in establishing the local chapter of the National Charity League. Steve has been active in the community athletic programs for children, and their business supports the fund-raising efforts of many local schools and charities.

The vast majority of Peggy and Steve’s clients are families in San Rafael and the surrounding communities. To produce images that these clients value, Peggy collaborates closely with all members of a family to find the perfect location and to incorporate elements of their personal lives into the portrait session. The images captured in this collaboration become meaningful and valued family treasures.

This process begins with a consultation to review potential locations, clothing, style, pricing and the options for prints, wall portraits and digital images. The portrait sessions are fun and fast-paced; engaging and entertaining even to the youngest children. The in-home digital photo review sessions are designed to help their clients quickly and easily make their portrait selections. Peggy and Steve want their clients completely satisfied and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether the resulting images are displayed as wall portraits, in keepsake albums, on desktop frames or digital collections, clients of Peggy and Steve are universally delighted with the process and thrilled with the portraits.